Optimize Hard Disks And SSDs

Before going to download I share some basic information about this software function. o&o defrag professional 100% increased PC speed. There is nothing worse than when you want to do something on your PC and your computer is running slow. A disk defragmenter used regularly can speed up a PC of any age and get it working like new again.
o&o defrag professional for window software
o&o defrag professional 

Don’t let a slow computer spoil your work or fun! Let o&o defrag professional your hard disks and new SSDs and you can experience speed increases of up to 100% Regular disk defragmentation optimizes your PC performance.

When you defragment, the files that Windows splits up when saving documents across the hard disk or SSD are put back in order again so that files can be quickly recognized and found by the SSD or the read and write heads inside your HDD. Speed increases of up to 100% are not uncommon, and your hardware suffers much less wear and tear.

The new defragmentation method SOLID/COMPLETE: 

SSDs save file fragments on more memory cells than needed. The resource and hardware friendly SOLID/COMPLETE method defragment these file fragments so that only the number of memory cells required will be used for reading and writing in the future. SOLID/COMPLETE can be used on both SSDs as well as hard disks.

Product features

- SOLID/Quick: This method, developed specifically for SSDs, performs a superficial optimization of the SSD, such as erasing the free space. This method is gentler and faster.

- SOLID/Complete: This method, developed specifically for SSDs, is a thorough optimization of the SSD.

- ClusterView with SSDs: In order to represent the degree of fragmentation of an SSD, the ClusterView now maps the logical structure of an SSD so that, accordingly, 6 blocks are combined into one.

- Fragment Filter to identify the most fragmented files on a drive.

- O&O DiskCleaner.

- Time View to see which defragmentation activity results in which successful optimization.

- Easy-to-Use: Ideal for Beginners and Professionals.

- Even faster system and the program starts.

- Defragmentation time reduced by up to 40%.

- Defragmentation of locked files.

- Lifetime Performance Statistics.

- Automatic deletion of free space for more privacy.

- Optimizing systems with Thin Provisioning.

- Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.