5 Simple tips to speed up android phone performance in your home

Hello friends, how are you guys, hoping to be good, I am going to share a secret with you today,  Are you using android mobile and want to make the android phone run faster? If yes this post is for you.

5 Simple tips to speed up android phone performance in your home
speed up android phone performance 

The problem of slowing down or hanging your mobile will be solved. Then you can take advantage of the speed of the mobile like new. When you get a new mobile. So your mobile works very well at that time. But as time passes, it starts to slow down. There can be many reasons for this, such as mobile rum goes low. When you install the new android application because today's application is very large.

When you go to a website and download an application, there are many such applications which are malware and when you install that application, your mobile will slow down and store your mobile data. So that your mobile becomes slow. There are many reasons why your mobile is slow and hangs. Then you call customer care or you go to the customer service centre to get your mobile fixed so that a lot of your time is lost.

So today I am going to tell you that I will give tips on some settings which can do in-home so that you can increase the speed of your mobile to a great extent and to make the android phone run faster.

 I am giving you 5 tips here below, follow that. I hope you definitely do.

Remove apps, wallpapers and other unwanted things

Looking at the storage on the phone, apps should be installed. The presence of more number of apps can also make the smartphone slow. When there are many applications on the phone, when the phone starts slowing, then ask yourself how many of these are the apps that you use.
It is sensible to remove apps which are not of your need from the phone. It is also worth noting that there are some pre-loaded apps already on the phone that cannot be removed even if they want to. 
In such a situation, they should be disabled. There are many live wallpapers in the Google Play Store. Explain that a large number of widgets on the live wallpaper and home screen also slow down the smartphone. If you want to avoid slowing down the phone, then put the same wallpaper on the nominal wallpaper and home screen, which are of your use.

clearing cache is necessary

For the information of people, let us know that the cache of applications that are used frequently starts collecting. This can also be one of the main reasons for the smartphone being slow. In such a situation, it is advised to regularly delete the cache of any app you use the most. 
After clearing the cache, whenever the app is used again, it will start collecting again. Now let us show you the easy way to remove the cache. To remove the cache, first, go to Settings> Apps. Click on the app whose cache is to be cleared here. After clicking, you have to click on the Clear cache option.

Clear inbuilt storage

Always remember one thing and that is that if you want to avoid slowing down the phone, then it is necessary to have 10 to 20 percent of the total inbuilt storage available. As you can see in the picture, when the phone's storage starts running out, in such a situation the phone starts slowing down. In such a situation, in addition to cleansing the cache, it is advisable to place only those apps in the smartphone that is of your use.
If your phone also has less inbuilt storage then the best option is to move the pictures, music and video files in the internal storage to the microSD card. Selected apps also have the option to move from inbuilt storage to the card. To do this you have to go to Settings> App. For the information of people, let us know that the phone running on the old Android version is not equipped with this feature.

Check firmware update

The firmware update of the smartphone also brings many improvements to the phone, mainly including performance optimization. If you also have a complaint with your handset, then you should go into the settings and check that your phone has not received software update by the company. To check, go to Settings> System> About> Software Updates. If a software update is found, we would suggest taking a backup before updating the phone.

Disable animation

For the information of people, let us know that animations mainly work between graphical transitions in menus, app drawers and other interface locations. Animations remain active during smartphone use, they only serve to improve the phone usage experience.
If you feel that your smartphone is starting to slow down then turn them off. It is also worth noting that closing them is also not an easy task, because often this option is hidden in the 'Developers options'. You will find the Developer option in Settings. In the developer option, you will see all the animations, you can turn them off if you want.

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