Jio gets shocked: Airtel gives customers happy after vodafone idea

Hello Friends, Are you using Jio network or other network but this news is very helpful because if you recharge your phone of Jio. You saw that Jio will now charge you 6 paisa/minute call rate for talking on other networks, but the customers of old Jio who have recharged before October 9, 2019 do not have pay 6 paise/minute call rate until their plan validity. Now will be cut whatever you get a new recharge, then your charge will be deducted. Jio is charging all this under Interconnect Usage Charge. Because Jio had suffered a lot on the second network to get free talk. At the moment you can talk from Jio to Jio for free, there will be no charge in it.

Jio gets shock: Airtel gives customers happy after Vodafone idea
Jio gets shocked

Airtel is giving a free talk

So let's come to our topic, Vodafone Idea has already cleared for its customer that no fee will be charged from you. If you recharge for free, on any plan that is our free recharge. Which you can check by going to the official website of Vodafone Idea. If I say in a simple way, then you will not have to pay Interconnect Usage Charge. So Airtel is also not going to be behind in this race.

Vodafone idea cleared that no need an extra recharge

Just a few days ago, there was news on social media that Airtel will charge Interconnect Usage charge from its customer, but Airtel said that this is all wrong information news. Airtel said on its official twitter handle is giving all the wrong information. We are the unlimited network of India. Vodafone Idea has already taken a big step to take on Jio. Vodafone Idea has already tweeted that we will not charge Interconnect Usage charge; you can talk for free on any network.

This is the first time in India when Jio is going to take charge of its customer. Jio is holding the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India as a friend. Jio said that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has once again opened the Interconnect Usage Charge. When the other company said that Jio is retracting its promise, which said that it will make you talk for free throughout your life. But whoever was relieved on the other company here because Jio was going to add its new customer.

One thing is clear that if the other company found a way to increase its revenue, on the other hand, the difficulty of Jio increased. However, Jio's customer is also disappointed. Overall, you can talk to Idea, Vodafone and BSNL networks for free on any network.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India New Rule

I will give you very real information; Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has said that the Interconnect Usage Charge will be applicable till 2020. At present, you have to pay 6 paise/minute call rate charge to Jio Network and one more thing is if you recharge after 10 October 2019 in your Jio number you will get 30-minute free call after that 6 paise/minute charge will take. So you tell me in the comment section, which network you are using right now in India and are you agree with Jio IUC.

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