How to delete spotify account and Unsubscribe

Over time Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services around the world, but for many reasons, it does not meet the requirements of all different users. (Also Read: The Best Kept Secrets About Spotify)
Rival companies like Tidal and Apple Music are offering a strong alternative to Spotify, whether you are switching to a different music streaming platform or simply want to cancel or downgrade from a premium to free account, you can do so by following some simple steps.
How to delete spotify account and Unsubscribe
How to delete spotify account and Unsubscribe

If you want to switch from a premium to a free Spotify accounts the process is quite simple. On the other hand, permanently deleting a Spotify account, its history, and other associated information needs some additional steps.
Below we have discussed all details related to unsubscribing, downgrading and deleting your Spotify account permanently.

Cancel my Spotify subscription

To unsubscribe from a Spotify account, log in to your Spotify account, select the option “Subscription” from the menu located on the left-hand side.
Once you tap on “Subscription”, you will see your current account type and a button with “Change or Cancel” options. First, you will be asked to cancel your premium status and revert to a free account, after that you will be asked if you are sure you want to cancel your current Spotify subscription.
Once you click on “Yes”, you have completed the process of reverting to a free your Spotify Account.
Note: Even after you have unsubscribed from a premium Spotify account, if you have already been billed, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a premium account until the next date of billing.
A free Spotify account contains ads and has few limitations as compared with the premium account, with a free subscription you can’t get access to personalized playlists that are provided by Spotify.

Complications with canceling a Spotify subscription

Many users may not be able to find an option to cancel and downgrade their Spotify account even after logging into their account, the main reason behind that is because your Spotify subscription is associated with other third-party services like iTunes, your internet service provider or mobile network.
In such cases, to cancel your Spotify subscription, you will need to contact the associated third-party service providers.
If your Spotify subscription is associated with your iTunes account, you should read Apple’s manual to unsubscribe from different in-app subscriptions.
Many a time, it is possible to have multiple Spotify accounts and forget about them, to check if your different emails are not associated with a premium Spotify subscription, use the password reset form on the Spotify page. If any of your different emails are associated with Spotify, they will send you instructions to reset your password.
If you used your Facebook credentials to sign up with your Spotify account, open the Facebook app, click on Settings-Apps. If you can see a Spotify icon over there it confirms that your Facebook account is associated with your Spotify subscription.

Reactivating your Spotify Premium Account

In case you want to reactivate your premium Spotify account, you would be happy to know that Spotify keeps all your settings, preferences and playlists for three months even after cancellation.
If you re-subscribe with this period, you won’t lose any data associated with your Spotify account. After three months, all your historical data will be permanently deleted and you will have to start afresh with your Spotify account.

Deleting your Spotify Account Permanently

Although we would advise to simply switch back to a free account, just in case you change your mind and want to subscribe back to a Spotify premium account again.
But if you are determined to completely delete all your Spotify information permanently, first you will need to cancel all your subscription plans. Once done, open Spotify help page, look for “Account Help”, and “Close Account”.
Now you will need to fill the Spotify Contact Form, click on the options related to account closure and fill in few details, and send it to the Spotify team.
Shortly, the Spotify team will send a notification that your account and all related information has permanently been deleted.