How to Fix Tap to Wake Not Working on iPhone and One Plus Devices

Following Android’s lead, Apple announced a ‘Raise to Wake’ function in the iOS 10 update. After that, it introduced Tap to Wake feature to turn on the display with one touch. On the Android side, manufacturers like Samsung and OnePlus are offering these functions with Ambient Display support. The real problem starts when the Tap to Wake feature suddenly stops working on iPhone and OnePlus devices.
How to Fix Tap to Wake Not Work¬ing on iPhone and One¬Plus Devices

The goal is to let the user glance over the lock screen without reaching the power button. The added convenience feels a blessing when it works. But when it doesn’t, you might be left scratching head in confusion. And that ultimately leads you to stop using the tap to wake and raise to wake functions.
The issue is most common in iPhone and OnePlus devices. In this post, we will guide you step by step to solve the problem. Let’s get started.

Turn-Off Adaptive Brightness

Inconsistent the behavior of adaptive brightness might lead to unusual glitches in the tap to wake function. Users can turn off the option from the Settings app. Open OnePlus Settings and navigate to display. Switch off Adaptive brightness to see the improvements.
Note: There is another way to fix the 'Tap to Wake' issue on OnePlus by recalibrating the phone’s proximity sensor from the device Factory Mode. But so far, the success ratio is low, and that’s why we haven’t mentioned it here.
You can use the options above and fix the Tap to Wake feature not working on your iPhone and OnePlus devices.

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