How To Save Google Maps Route Offline For Ride

Google Maps Comes Offline

There are times where we're unable to access the Google Maps app. Also, travelling out of the country and trying to avoid the roaming charges, is another instance where we could rely on the offline route. Google Maps gives users access to a particular route without using data.
How To Save Google Maps Route Offline For Ride

Here's how to do it?

How To Save Google Maps Directions Offline

It should be noted that it's advised to save the location and route before going offline. It can be done by opening the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet. Users are advised to ensure that the users are connected to a secure internet connection and also logged in to the app.
Search for the place, you wish to save for offline use in the search bar, like a cafe or the nearest metro station, and so on. Select More or the three-dotted line for another menu to open. Here users can see the ‘download offline map' option, select it. It opens to the map's particular location, which can further be pinpointed exactly.
On selecting the option to download, it begins automatically if connected over Wi-Fi. If not, another dialogue box appears asking if users would like to go ahead and download over mobile data. Once saved, the downloaded offline Google Maps can be accessed by accessed via Profile > Offline Maps. Here, users can see the list of saved offline places.

How To Store Offline Maps On SD Card

By default, users can store Google Maps locations and directions on their smartphones or tablets. It can also be stored on an SD card if preferred. It should be noted that the device to get the offline map should be running Android 6.0 or higher version android smartphone and the offline area can be configured for portable storage.
Here are the steps to get offline directions on an SD card. It needs to first be inserted into the mobile. Access the saved offline directions by opening Google Maps > Menu > Offline areas > Settings. Here, users can see ‘storage preferences'. Tap the device SD card and it will be stored on the SD Card.

Key Points For Offline Google Maps

It should be noted that even if Google Maps direction is saved offline, users would get driving directions but not transit, cycling or walking directions. Driving routes wouldn't reveal traffic information, alternate routes or lane guidance. Also, users can't modify routes like avoiding tolls or ferries.

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